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Tablet Guides was created by the team to help its audience take the global nomad experience one step further. Tablet Guides is the simplest way to find out where the Tablet Hotels community eats, hangs out, shops, takes the kids, gets their culture fix, and even where they go to stay in shape. Our first love will always be hotels, but sometimes you've got to go outside.

Tablet Guides offers individual Recommendations and a multitude of Guides organized by author, theme or itinerary in all the destinations where there is a Tablet hotel … and more.

Tablet Guides goes beyond Tablet Hotels not only in terms of scope. We have expanded the Selection Panel beyond the hand-picked experts we normally rely upon, to enable the loyal audience of Tablet Hotels to share their own recommendations with their peers.

The objective of Tablet Guides is not to provide a never-ending list of every single experience a destination has to offer. Instead, the goal is to enable the emerging community of Global Nomads - always looking for substance - to quickly narrow down their search to only the experiences they should truly consider - anywhere in the world – thanks to recommendations and reviews from like-minded people.

All recommendations and reviews made by travelers who stay in Tablet Hotels are verified for authenticity by Tablet Guides. Tablet Guides is a public website. The reviews and recommendations it contains are accessible to all without a password. However, the actual identity of the traveler posting a review is protected by Tablet Guides by asking each traveler to choose a Screen Name for their account before making a contribution.